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Company Profile PT Indowooyang 2023

Indowooyang, is a company engaged in manufacture and export of frozen sweet potato product located in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

Starting its first export in 2012, Indowooyang has been connected with many customers in Japan and Korea.

With the meaning of universe, Indowooyang hopes to grow into a company that gives value to humans, nature and all creatures in it.

Having the main goal of becoming a world-class food company, Indowooyang seeks to improve the quality of human life by producing safe and healthy agricultural product made of sweet potato.

Indowooyang contributes to the welfare of Indonesian farmers by,
empowering sweet potato farmers,
building a strong partnership system,
and providing seeds and educating farmers on the cultivation technique.

Collaborating with thousands of farmers across provinces, cultivation officers will guide and supervise producing high-quality and stable raw materials throughout the year, on both the rainy and the dry season.

Adopting a food safety policy;
Prioritizing customer’s satisfaction and ensuring the food safety;
making continuous improvement on the food safety management system;
meeting the applicable requirements and laws;
We believe the success will come by providing the best quality products and services for our customers.

With our integrity and experience, we have achieved ISO 22000, HACCP and Halal certifications applied to our production every day.

Our products are customized based on our customer’s needs.

By keeping up with the food business trends, Indowooyang dedicates its time by investing in the Research and Development for continuous innovation.

Applying the Clean and Safe as our motto, and the work culture of “hard work, smart work and honest work”, Indowooyang continues to provide clean and safe product for the consumer.



Jalan Nyi Gede Cangkring No. 09,
Desa Tegalsari, KecamatanPlered, Kabupaten Cirebon,
Jawa Barat, Indonesia



At PT. INDOWOOYANG, we are a global specialist in sweet potato and food manufacturing business. Dedication to produce Clean, Healthy, and Safe food is what we do best.

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